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Celonaut Spotlight: Isabella Apfel, Senior Product Manager, Munich

What makes working in the Product Department at Celonis such a unique experience? What makes you proud?

The people. My team is diverse and growing with collegues in Munich, Germany, Pristina, Kosovo, Prague, Czech Republic, and New York, USA. Together, we fully live the Celonis “FISA” value: focus, invent, simply and act - and repeat. And this makes every day unique.

What advice would you give to less experienced professionals who are just starting their careers?

Be open and learn as much as possible. Be brave to share your ideas and don’t let yourself down if something doesn’t work out as expected.

Which key qualifications should applicants have to join the Product Department?

  1. Communication: As a Product Manager, you’re working on a daily basis together with developers, designers, customers, partners, and many more stakeholders. Hence, there is no such thing as over-communicating.

  2. Technical Acumen: You're at the interface between business and development, so you need to understand and be able to translate the requirements and constraints of the platform.

  3. Curiosity: While we want the user to fall in love with our process mining product, you (as Product Manager) should fall in love with the problem and not the solution. This also means staying curious and challenging current approaches. 

What does a typical day at Celonis look like for you?

As Product Manager for Action Flows, my typical day at Celonis starts with our team's daily meeting. Other than that, every day can look a bit different and bring something new. I might have customer calls, a sync with our Academy team to create a new training, refinement sessions with the developers and designers, or meetings to discuss our roadmap. And of course, there are many more products inside the EMS platform that should all smoothly play together with Action Flows.

Describe your team at Celonis in three words. 

Curious, engaged, and flexible.

Which of the Celonis values matters most to you and why? 

For me personally, two Celonis values stand out most: FISA and We Own It. As mentioned, we always aim to focus, invent, simply and act - and repeat. And as a Product Team, we fully own our product - from design over development up to supporting customers and fixing bugs. Isabella Apfel joined Celonis in November 2019 with a background in research and project management. In her spare time, she is a rowing trainer and loves hiking and traveling. 

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