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A Day in the Life of a Celonaut: Markus Dieckmann, Lead Engagement Manager

Meet Markus Dieckmann, recently promoted from Senior to Lead Engagement Manager after a successful 3-month stint accelerating Team Japan’s growth. After almost four years at Celonis, Markus has been an instrumental member of our Services team, supporting both our clients' growth and driving our international expansion. 

He gives an insight into life in our Tokyo office, his favourite parts of the city’s culture, and the exciting work our Services team is doing.

Markus Dieckmann Headshot
Markus Dieckmann
Lead Enablement Manager

How do you start your day?

“My first challenge is not getting lost on the way to the office! After my first coffee, I check my inbox and structure my day ahead before having check-ins with the team and customers.”

Markus moved to Tokyo for 3 months from Munich earlier this year to help accelerate the Japan team's growth. Though adapting to the transport in Tokyo was a challenge, he loved his time there from both a personal and professional development perspective. 

What did a typical day in Tokyo look like?

“There’s quite some hype around process mining in Japan and I’m super grateful to share some of the best practices we’ve collected from DACH.”

The key insights he’s gained by working in the process mining industry for almost four years with us have hugely helped the Japan team grow and adopt best practices to continue our journey in Japan - where we’ve just expanded our Tokyo office. 

“One of the things I love about Tokyo is the quality and endless variety of food. Though I miss my colleagues in Germany a lot, I fear going for lunch in Munich will never be the same. After lunch, my colleagues and I sit down to discuss upcoming projects. It’s exciting to collaborate with the team in building structures that support our rapid growth in the market and as a team.”

We plan to continue expanding globally - impacting every process and every industry around the globe by leveraging the use of our market-leading Execution Management System. Though our story started in Munich, we’ve expanded to over 20 offices worldwide.

What do you do after work?

“There are plenty of options for after-work entertainment in Tokyo, from izakayas to karaoke. Some of these recordings are better kept private though!” 

Markus Dieckmann - Japan Team

Perhaps singing isn’t Markus’ strongest skill, but he won’t forget the experiences and friends he made along the way. 

👩‍🚀 Markus Dieckmann is a Lead Engagement Manager and has been a Celonaut for 4 years. After graduating with an MSc in Technology & Management from TUM, he joined Celonis as a Consultant. Since then, he’s been a Program Manager and Engagement Manager where he’s found his passion for driving process excellence with Celonis' Execution Management System.


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Jay Stenstrom
Jay Stenstrom
Intern Talent Acquisition Marketing

Jay Stenstrom is a Talent Acquisition Marketing Intern at Celonis. Based in the UK, he’s pursuing a Marketing degree where he’s found a love for creative writing. Fueled by his passion for bringing our people’s stories to life, Jay works with Celonis employees to spotlight their successes, showcase typical days in their lives, and what it’s like to be part of Team Celonis.

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