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Celonaut Spotlight: Stuart Globe, Strategic Account Executive

Meet Stuart Globe, a core member of the UKIE Sales Team at Celonis. After joining the company in 2022 with 14 years of experience in sales, Stuart is thriving in his new role, making an impact on the team’s growth.

Stuart sat down with us to discuss his responsibilities, what it takes to succeed in his team, and why he made the key decision to switch to Celonis.

Stuart Globe
Stuart Globe
Strategic Account Executive

What does your Strategic Account Executive role at Celonis entail?

I look after Vodafone globally as the Global Account Director. My role is to take what is a complex customer and try to elevate our relationship from a technology vendor to that of a strategic partner, not just in one area of the business, but across the organization. That requires me to work with the central teams, both in Vodafone and within Celonis, and, importantly,  working with Account Executives and Customer Value Managers in countries like Italy, Spain, and Germany where they are managing a direct engagement with the local Vodafone customer. Together with the core team, we ensure coordination across a complex account to maximize customer value, and from a commercial perspective to ensure that both parties are working on a strong foundation that supports growth and success. I also support from an executive connection perspective, ensuring that Vodafone and Celonis executives have a relationship that underpins the strategic partnership.

How did you come across Celonis?

I worked with Nick Mitchell, Celonis’ Vice President Sales UKIE, at Salesforce, and when he joined Celonis, following Miguel Milano, Celonis’ Chief Revenue Officer, and others before him, that acted as the pull. Then, I saw the Series D funding last year, which gave me a greater understanding of Celonis. It just built from there.

Why did you make the switch to Celonis?

It's the relevance of Celonis, today, in a world that is facing a huge number of external pressures, from energy crises to inflation. In the old world, the way of tackling a challenge in front of you was to basically wipe the board and put something brand new in place. What Celonis offers not just today, could have been offered yesterday, and will definitely offer tomorrow, is a very clear alternative for customers that do not want to overcommit with CapEx and OpEx. They actually just need the engine of their business to work better and more efficiently for them today, and future-proof it for tomorrow.

That's the thing that stands out as a comparison to some of the other large tech companies, as I believe Celonis is more relevant today than any of the others.

I outlined my reasoning in more detail in a LinkedIn post, which may be of interest to people considering their options.

Where does the satisfaction of this job come from for you? 

There's personal satisfaction in closing a commercial transaction that both the customer and I are happy with; that’s what we’re paid to do. But there's a broader satisfaction too. Every deal has the opportunity to fuel future growth, allowing us to build on both the commercial framework and relationships. 

The thing that really drives me is making everyone successful. Obviously, I have my targets, but I do get a lot of satisfaction from other people getting their time in the spotlight and the recognition they deserve. So it's absolutely about making other people successful as well as myself. If I can contribute in that way next year, I'll be able to add even more value to the team.

What are the key characteristics to succeed in your team?

I think you need to be curious because what Celonis is doing in the industry at the moment is still considered quite new for many of our customers. We need to be curious about the customer and how they perceive us, and be able to turn curiosity into action. You need to be able to understand what makes customers tick and what will make them tick in the future so that we can position Celonis and what we can do for them in a way that is aligned with their view of their world.

Another key characteristic is resilience. We are a new company, relatively speaking, and in the UK, we certainly don't have the brand presence that Celonis has in Germany, for example. You need to be resilient because not every customer will have heard of you. And those that have heard of you may have heard something inaccurate that you need to overcome because that brand presence isn't in the UK in such a way that everybody knows who we are, what we do, and why we do it. So I’d say resilience is key.

What has been your proudest moment at Celonis so far?

Helping to close a deal that had been in a static position for a while. What was critical about this deal was that it set us up to have a different relationship with the customer and we’re in a great position with stakeholders and are discussing what we can accomplish together in FY24.

👩‍🚀 Stuart joined Celonis London in March 2022 as a Strategic Account Executive. He’s a dedicated family man, helping support his wife’s business and two children. Before the kids, he was a passionate mountain climber, and today he loves running and cycling in his free time. ________________________

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Jay Stenstrom
Jay Stenstrom
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