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Celonis for Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is the backbone of Sales and Service at your company, but there are execution gaps and opportunities in those processes that hinder seamless customer service and closing deals. Celonis can help.

Execution App - Opportunity Management

Maximize the Capacity of Your Processes Across the Customer Journey

From the very first marketing touch through to the closed deal and ongoing customer service, modern organizations rely on Salesforce to connect with their customers. But these operations are often so complex, they actually hamper your performance by creating execution gaps. The Celonis Execution Management System works with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to eliminate execution gaps in your CRM. See how Celonis can help maximize your capacity to capture more revenue, optimize marketing investments, and delight your customers.

Process Mining Meeting
Process Mining Meeting

At Dell Technologies Services, we operate at a massive scale, with 35,000 service professionals supporting 173 million assets with customers in 170 different countries. With our 94% CSAT rating, we always strive for best-in-class. We brought Celonis in to help us visualize the interactions across this complex service lifecycle and for the first time see how they’re really working — then design how we want them to work better in the future. Celonis is a key capability within Dell Technologies to improve our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Amit Sawhney
Vice President of Global Process Engineering
Dell Technologies

How Celonis EMS Helps


Accelerate Revenue Growth

By using CRM data to measure the execution capacity of your Sales process, and maximizing it. What are the most common paths that Opportunities take from open to close? What are the biggest execution gaps by product, team, competitor, business segment, and geography? How can you eliminate these execution gaps to improve close rates and accelerate Sales cycles?


Increase Customer Satisfaction

By eliminating execution gaps and maximizing the capacity of your support processes in Service Cloud. Visualize the paths your service cases take from open to resolution. See how efficiency is impacted by customer segment, product, geography, service center, and team. Identify and roll out best practices across your service operations to improve customer satisfaction.


Optimize Marketing ROI

By streamlining the Lead-to-Close process across Pardot and Sales Cloud. Visualize how Marketing Leads enter and pass into the Sales funnel. See how Leads from different channels, personas, and Marketing tactics progress through the funnel and eventually become downstream Sales Opportunities and revenue. Optimize spend to invest in the most successful Marketing channels and tactics.

Celonis EMS for the Whole Salesforce Platform

Industry leaders are maximizing execution capacity with Celonis across Sales, Service, Marketing, and more.

Celonis + Salesforce Sales Cloud Demo

Celonis + Sales Cloud

  • Gain insight into the root causes behind your core sales and revenue metrics across front- and back-office systems.

  • Understand the capacity of your sales process — how well your sales people follow it, where deals get stuck, and how different steps contribute to sales velocity.

  • Implement next-best actions to keep your salespeople and managers working effectively to achieve goals.

Celonis + Salesforce Sales Cloud Demo