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Process Mining for Telcos Webinar

Accounts Payable Webinar
Webinar Series

Process Mining for Telcos Webinar

About this Weekโ€™s Theme: Purchase-to-Pay

Telecommunications companies provide the central infrastructure for digitization. However, they themselves face the great challenge of meeting customer expectations, optimizing costs and digitizing their own business model in order to be successful in a highly competitive market. Yet for many companies, that kind of impact is nothing but a vision โ€” because chronic operational friction is bogging down their processes. So, we are breaking it down, one paint point at a time.

In this week's lunch and learn, we will dive into how to increase purchasing productivity, optimizing spend and reducing risk. We don't need to tell you about the pains tied to maverick buying, incorrect plan deliveries, high volume of price changes or unfavorable supplier contracts - you likely know all about that. Instead we will dive into how you can prevent wasting your time on these manual corrections to join the best-in-class organizations who achieved a perfect PO rate. Join us as we explain how Celonis' analytical application works and allows you to:

  • Proactively update master data every time sourcing updates contact pricing

  • Precise supplier evaluations to drive better negotiations

  • Automate manual steps to avoid critical errors

Celonis in the Telecommunication Sector

After speaking to over 800 global Celonis customers, it became clear that thereโ€™s more urgency than ever to improve customer experience and increase productivity through the whole customer journey. Celonis helps leaders intelligently optimize processes for outcomes that matter like cost optimization, productivity, and customer satisfaction. Join our bi-weekly luncheons in which we elaborate on solutions to make your life easier.

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