Process Mining for Finance

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Process Mining for Finance

Your finance department has the opportunity to drive growth across the enterprise by tightly managing working capital. Join this finance webinar to gain clarity on how to preserve cash flow in the accounts payable and accounts receivable process with Process Mining. Celonis is helping finance departments everywhere solve some of their biggest pain points by identifying and removing operational friction. Learn how industry leaders have put Process Mining to use for their finance processes to gain insights into their process.

Join this webinar to learn:

- How to achieve instant transparency into finance processes

- How to unlock and detect opportunities to increase days payable outstanding and avoid duplicate supplier payments

- How to optimize accounts receivable processes by reducing late payments, shortening credit terms, and ensuring error-free invoices in real time

- How to accelerate growth through operational excellence, and transform enterprise-wide finance processes to be future-proof


Christy Brewer - Global Business Development Manager, Accounts Payable, Celonis

Gwyn Roberts -  Global Business Development Manager, Celonis

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