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Celonis Ecosystem Summit 2021: A once-in-a-generation opportunity

This is a defining moment in modern business history. Tech trends and world events have combined to create a unique and unprecedented opportunity for enterprises to eliminate billions of dollars in corporate inefficiencies.

 Firstly, a two-year period of accelerated digital transformation has resulted in the formation of a dense layer of digitization across enterprises. This is yielding exponentially increasing volumes of process data.

Secondly, and most importantly, the democratization of execution management is well and truly underway. CIOs and CEOs are embracing the concept at unparalleled speed, with incredibly exciting results.

This is a once-in-a-generation chance for services providers, technology companies, ISVs, private equity firms and business consultancies to help enterprises, the economy and even the environment transform. It’s the final piece of the digital transformation puzzle.

That was the defining takeaway from the 2021 Celonis Ecosystem Summit.

Helping clients execute

Celonis partners — including some of the world’s biggest consultancies and services providers — are the undisputed stars of this virtual event.

They have been leading a global rollout of execution management technology at breakneck speed. By combining industry, process, and business systems knowledge, they are delivering a 360-degree view of processes to their clients, while setting up feedback loops to exponentially improve them.

A series of inspirational real-life use cases from IBM, Accenture, PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and more, highlight the boundless potential of the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS). From a supply chain asset that immediately flags excess inventory and facilitates real-time action, to a financial services app that transforms the processing of securities transactions.

Catch up with the Best Practices for Business Impact sessions to learn how Celonis can also help companies measure and improve the end-to-end environmental and social footprint in every process. This will reduce emissions, cut waste and inefficiencies, and mitigate risks.

 Whether it’s scaling process automation, or operational excellence in Financial Services  or building a Center of Excellence as a value accelerator, you’ll learn about the full gamut of process challenges being overcome across businesses and industries.

You’ll also find out which Celonis partners picked up awards, and why both Accenture and IBM were co-recipients of the Global Alliance Partner of the Year Award.

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Execution management momentum

The number of consultants now using Celonis for Consulting has grown by more than 4X over the past year. They’re taking advantage of what amounts to a new superpower – a not-so secret weapon that helps them execute like never before.

 Consultants are at the bleeding edge of the execution management movement. And there appears little doubt that they will keep building on this new-found competitive edge – accelerating process discovery and time-to-value,  while increasing customer satisfaction with immediate usability. In fact, Celonis Chief Customer Officer Malhar Kamdar revealed a plan to put the Celonis EMS on the computers of every consultant in the world.

Celonis for Consulting (C4C+ and C4C+ Execution) — is only months old. But it’s already changing what it means, what it takes, to be a great consultant.

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Six key capabilities to offer clients

Watch the summit to find out how six key execution management capabilities, seamlessly integrated, can unlock unmatched value for your clients:

  • Data is the lifeblood of execution management. Pre-built process connectors (or a low-code extractor builder for systems unsuited for a pre-built connector) can make it fast and easy to bring data into the Celonis EMS.

  • For uber-effective process and task mining, take instant X-rays of business processes.

  •  Planning and simulation capabilities let you simulate process changes — and understand the business impact of those changes.

  •  Make execution management easily accessible to you and your clients with an interface that combines data, intelligence and action.

  •  Automate manual tasks across systems with over 10,000 pre-built automation actions (and over 900 systems supported).

  •  A world-class, multi-cloud platform means your EMS can run on any public or private cloud, offering the highest levels of security, performance and reliability.

A sneak peek at upcoming innovations

The summit is your chance to get a sneak peek at some huge new innovations coming to the world of intelligent execution.

Martin Klenk, Celonis CTO and Co-founder, reveals that a new EMS upgrade will take real-time data capabilities to the next level — enabling instantaneous delivery of intelligence to all users.

 Two big enhancements in the Celonis process mining engine are also on the way. One will help you better digest X-rays of your business customers to find even more insights. And the other will help you to apply process mining across your entire business. Meanwhile, creating a Digital Twin of a business to help you get new insights will soon be easier than ever.

A defining moment for consulting and services businesses

It’s not enough to help clients simply gather and analyze their data. You need to be able to help them use data to drive day-to-day execution.

 There’s never been a better time to do this. This is a defining moment for consulting and services businesses. A new execution management movement is growing and you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of it — whether you’re co-selling or reselling an EMS, using it to differentiate your services offerings, to enrich your platform, or to offer your own execution apps.

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Nicole Gallant
Nicole Gallant
Vice President Partner Manager
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