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Join us at the only conference for transformation champions!
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What is process mining?

Process mining uses AI and machine learning to extract existing data from an organizationโ€™s IT systems to visually reconstruct how processes actually perform. It creates full transparency and enables you to drive efficiency, quality and productivity across your entire organization and thereby empower you to take the actions you need for optimization. Works for any industry, any company, any process.

How does it work?

Consider every step performed by everyone involved in a process. If you think of those steps as โ€œdigital footprintsโ€ stored by your operational systems, then process mining captures the footprints from all of your systems, pulls them together (a resource known as an event log) and organizes them visually to show each step of the journey to complete your process. In that way, process mining identifies areas for process improvementโ€“sometimes in places you might not even think to look. It then helps you take the right steps toward improvements that will transform how your business operates.

Why use process mining?

As the global market leader in the process mining technology we pioneered, Celonis has already helped hundreds of companies see, understand and improve how their business works.

Now weโ€™ve built our Intelligent Business Cloud on top of that technology to provide not only a powerful means to uncover opportunities for improvement but to take the next step: see, understand and evolve your business by operationalizing your insights for true transformation.

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So much more than processes.

Process mining technology can also support your companyโ€™s larger transformation initiatives.

Operational Excellence

  • Process Excellence is key for best-in-class performance.
  • Celonis empowers projects with full transparency into all processes to detect inefficiencies and to help companies overcome those.
  • Continuous tracking and monitoring ensures long-term impact to achieve operational excellence.

Internal Audit

  • Reduce compliance costs: Uncover hidden inefficiencies and bottlenecks to reduce compliance costs, as well as the cost for auditing itself.
  • Increase speed: Gain access to real-time surveillance of business transactions and fast results due to proactive insights and fast root-cause analysis.
  • Boost efficiency: Make use of pre-defined analyses for an easy and professional reporting mechanism.
  • Achieve higher quality: Provide high precision and full transparency of all running processes to ensure every non-compliant process is caught.

Shared Services

  • Celonis helps to identify processes that have the maturity for automation.
  • Celonis helps to prioritize your automation efforts according to current automation rates and potential.
  • Celonis helps to continuously monitor global process conformance and efficiency.

ERP Harmonization & Migration

  • The transition to a new ERP system requires profound knowledge of processes and user behavior.
  • Celonis highlights differences and gaps among your systems.
  • This ensures the optimal blueprint for the new ERP system rollout and reduces migration efforts.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • RPA is capable of reducing process costs and increasing competitiveness.
  • Celonis helps identify process opportunity areas that could be improved with RPA.
  • Celonis monitors RPA projects, verifies their cost savings and ROI.

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Knowing your clientโ€™s characteristics is essential before moving processes to outsourced environments.
  • Celonis helps to increase the quality and depth of your analytics phase significantly, providing fact-based decision criteria that help with sizing and committing toward the client.

What's next in your transformation journey?

The skyโ€™s the limit on what our Intelligent Business Cloud can do for you. Check out more benefits for your business.

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